Ace Treasure Pirates Playing Cards LIMITED EDITION


Inspiration for our new deck, we proudly present to you Ace Treasure Pirates. .

The bravest pirates search for the special treasure in an unknown island, this treasure is protected by its original owners the cursed Undead Pirates. All the Pirates unite in one beautifully illustrated deck which will once again allow four lucky backers to be immortalised as jokers.

We have dressed our pirates in with their suits, such as the Queen of hearts having a heart shaped eyepatch and heart shaped corset, Diamond suit Queen, King and Jack dressed in lots of diamond jewellery to King of spades having a spade shaped eyepatch and a spade shaped hook for a hand. There are lots of details you will be notice more and more when you are playing with them. We really wish they bring you a lot of enjoyment.

Perfect for card collectors, magicians and art lovers this unique deck looks great both displayed and in use.