Cthulhu Cardnomicon Playing Cards


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Inspiration for our new deck, we proudly present to you Cthulhu Cardnomicon Playing cards

Being a huge fan of his incredible work we wanted to make a deck from one of our most beloved horror fiction writers H.P Lovecraft

This deck is very important to us so lots of love, horror, blood and human sacrifices has been put into every aspect of the deck from the art detail to the card quality and also turning the whole Ace Collectable team mad but such a small price to pay to gain unlimited power from the Cardnomicon!

We wanted to try something different and make each card contain a story scene from his amazing Cthulhu Mythos tales. Ace card being scene 1, Jack card being scene 2, Queen card being scene 3 and King card being the final scene.

To ensure that every card is of the highest quality they will be printed by USPCC.