Highlords Firstborn Playing Cards - Volume 1 Fantasy Series


In a world of fantasy, where magic is king, the four ancient races battle for supremacy. Alliances are made and broken as old rulers die and new ascend to the thrones. Behold the realms of Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves and Elves. Kingdoms of wonder, fear and chaos await those brave enough to walk along the bloodied paths.  

Where does your allegiance lie? With the fearsome and brutal warriors of the Orc clans? The roving giants with a fierce appetite for life, who make poetry and war with equal ease.

Perhaps you stand with the Elves? The lofty folk of the forests who hold their ideals of culture high above all others. They dream of past glories while looking forwards to a golden tomorrow unlikely to arrive.  

Do you pledge yourself to the stoic Dwarves? The mountain dwellers who are nearly as old as time itself, who dig through rock and mud with equal ease in their eternal quest for hidden riches.  

Or could it be the Goblins that bring you hear? The cunning half cousins of the Orcs, who survive through treachery and ambush. They stalk the nightmares of others, the shadows and a sharp blade their only friends.  

Ace collectables is pleased to present the Highlord's deck. In this fantasy inspired deck, each suit brings forth one of the four great races of the genre; Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves and Elves letting you recant the tales with every hand you deal. 

Hearts - Elves

Diamonds - Dwarfs 

Clubs - Orcs

Spades - Goblins

Deck Special Features

►Print run of only 1800 standard decks.

►Includes 2 Joker cards and a trick card for magic tricks. (Half King card, half Queen card reflected).

►Tuck boxes Includes foil.

►Seals on Tuck boxes and Limited decks will have numbered seals.

►Printed in High Quality by NPCC. 

►Decks posted in strong protective packaging. 

►Volume One of a series.